Pō ki te Pō – Night after Night – Jede Nacht wieder

Towards the end of his life, Churchill… said I have one regret, and that is that man ever learnt to fly. Because he knew that the bombing of civilians had become the nightmare of the 20th century.

Sir Martin Gilbert, Historian


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Night after Night


A documentary about Kiwi survivors of the RAF’s Bomber Command in WWII and the impact that experience continues to have on lives today, not only in New Zealand, but also in Germany, Britain, Belgium and Canada. Pō ki te Pō – Night after Night – Jede Nacht wieder is a tribute to their memory and honours all members of the aircrews, Kiwi and German, who risked their lives to fight day and night to protect everything they held dear, the security and safety of home, family, friends, neighbours. Six hundred thousand German civilians — men, women and children — were killed in allied bombing raids.

Night after Night.

Night after Night.

Fifty five thousand men died while serving as bomber crews in World War II, including 1850 New Zealanders. 1 in 3 Kiwis gave their lives. The stories told in Pō ki te Pō – Night after Night – Jede Nacht wieder are from the remaining survivors of Bomber Command’s battles. Most are in their late eighties or nineties now and many have never talked about the years they spent at war with an enemy they never knew. Back home they were told it was better to ‘forget the past and get on with life’ and though many tried, the horror endured.

This film, which takes its title from Max Lambert’s book, documents the acceptance by both the Allied Forces and the Germans, of the futility of war.

Key Crew
Producer / Director — Jennifer Bush-Daumec
Associate Producers — Stephen Brown , Matthias Seidenstücker
Editor — Paul Sutorius
Cinematographer — Donald Duncan
Composer — Jonathan Besser
Line Producer — Jessica Skippon
Sound Design — Don Paulin
Re-recording mixer — Michael Hedges
Post production facilities — www.parkroadpost.co.nz, Wellington.

A Bushcraft production for Maori Television in association with NZ On Air and with assistance from Year of the Veteran Community Grant and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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